Nikala Asante

Nikala Asante is a writer, artist, educator, and University of Houston alum. Her most recent publications include Graffiti Nommo: Spoken Word and Short Stories from the Sunsum and Re-Divining Self: Poetry, Short Stories, and Personal Essays. Additionally, “Liberation”, a short story from Re-Divining Self, was published in Genesis Anthology II, a notable Black science fiction collection. Nikala also served as an illustrator for Carved in Stone, a young adult novella by William T. Everett and created the cover art for her publications.

Inspired by great women writers such as Maya Angelou and Alice Walker, Nikala seeks to create community and global change both within and outside of her writing. She has traveled to seven countries outside of the United States to engage in research and service projects such as studying Africana Oratory and Philosophy and delivering school supplies in Ghana, studying a year of French in 5 weeks in France, attending a hands-on leadership training to advocate for higher pay and better safety conditions for workers in Dominican Republic and Haiti, interviewing Haitian earthquake survivors, and taking part in setting up clinics to treat illness in tent cities in Haiti.

Outside of writing and academics, Nikala volunteers as a mentor in her community and homeschools her son with the help of a small collective. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, listening to Hip-Hop, practicing yoga, and watching foreign films.

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    • University of Houston