Nik Cree

Web Developer, WordPress Developer, and Digital Marketing in Robina, Australia

Nik Cree

Web Developer, WordPress Developer, and Digital Marketing in Robina, Australia

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»» I Had A Dream! ««

To create an online business that I could set up in a week powered by coffee working in a cafe, then retire as millions of people came and bought my stuff while I spent the rest of life lying on the beaches of the world lapping up the riches that come from being an online entrepreneur.

... then ...

»» I Had A Nightmare! ««

All those online courses and gurus didn't tell me how much work there is and who wants to take their laptop to the beach anyway?! I'm still working from a damn cafe!

... and then ...

»» I Woke Up! ««

I discovered WordPress, learnt how to code in another cafe from 6am - 10am before heading into a corporate cage to sell timeshare plans by phone to unwilling buyers. Thank God I got my first client who actually paid me some money to look after their website so I could walk away from the 10am - 4pm grind and enter a more the more fulfilling 6am - 2am world being the master of my own destiny freelancing as a WordPress Developer (still can't understand how I got paid for the aweful websites I laboured over before I figured stuff out?!).

... but ...

»» Fast Forward 11 Years! ««

That inauspicious start has morphed into a successful (imposter syndrome go away!) Online Marketing Agency working with business to create websites that work ... meaning they get leads and enquiries to turn into customers. Along the way I discovered some pretty cool tools and apps that helped in my business and now work with clients as well.

... lurking nearby ...

»» You'll Find Me! ««

I run the "Business Owners Smashing It Online" Meetup in the Gold Coast ( and Brisbane (, moderate a facebook group by the same name ( and co-host the Gold Coast WordPress Meetup ( And ... I think I'm starting to have a life, not quite on the beaches of the world but I do have some money to spend, time to hang out with my partner and kids (only if they want me to as they in their teens and 20's).

... seek me out ...

»» Let's Meet! ««

If you think we have something in common, or even if you feel sorry for me, find me and have a chat. WARNING: I do drink coffee which can present as mild hyperactivity and apparently I am pre-vegan (i.e. I don't eat meat but consume large quantities of gourmet cheeses and chocolate)!

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