Niki Connor

Chef and Health and Nutrition Counselor in Los Angeles, California

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Niki Connor is a certified Health & Nutrition Counselor and Professional Chef parlaying her formal health, nutrition, and culinary education, International upbringing, athletic background, and passion for improving the lives of others into a viable socially responsible enterprise. She strongly believes in an improvement in physical and mental well-being from the inside out with a healthy lifestyle. Her experience ranges from cooking to prevent and fight disease to models, athletes, celebrities, entertainment industry professionals, and Fortune 500 executives. After working in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area as a personal and private chef, Connor returned to Los Angeles where she works as a personal and private chef, following her passion for healing and the culinary arts. She also continues her work as a health and nutrition counselor both locally and remotely and uses her nutrition and culinary education to prepare dishes and meal plans for numerous health conditions as well as help clients reach their individual goals safely and effectively. Connor is a gluten-free vegan who specializes in plant-based cuisine, but being classically trained, she also adapts her cooking style to clients’ needs. She continues her efforts by educating others on how rewarding living a healthy lifestyle can be. The official website is coming soon!

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