Nikki Gray

Travel Advisor in Indiana

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I’m Nikki, a lover of all things travel! Seriously. I love reading about it, talking about it, planning it, and obviously the act of traveling itself. Because I love travel I’m passionate about the work I do and I want my clients to truly feel that passion themselves as we work through creating amazing itineraries together.

My 16 years of experience in the travel industry have taught me many tricks of the trade, but nothing replaces the personal experiences of traveling around the world. From hiking the cloud forest in Costa Rica to hang gliding in Kitty Hawk, I’m always looking to jump into the best experiences that a destination has to offer!

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- Nikki


“Earlier this year when we decided to take our first ever family international trip we wanted to work with a travel agent. I’ll be completely honest and say it was THE BEST DECISION EVER.” - Cindy Thomas

“Our trip was unforgettable and we wouldn’t change a thing.” - Reagan Robert Baham

“Nikki was also very flexible with her time and accommodating to my needs when my original plans didn’t work out because of Covid. She was able to save our vacation and reschedule everything that we needed right away.” - Melissa Jones

“The assistance we received really made the trip easier and the downloadable app kept all the trip details in one place.” - Sherry Stieritz

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