Nikki Hornsby

Artist and Musician in Los Angeles & San Diego Counties & European office

Nikki Hornsby

Artist and Musician in Los Angeles & San Diego Counties & European office

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Links online to review Nikki Hornsby's life time inherited career carrying on the Hornsby Music Family Tradition here: but know my Biography ONCE WAS TRUE for years at until some visiting editors changed it from the True Facts. So go see the real bio which are validated for years.

You can find 31 TRUE FACTS that use to be on Wikipedia pages if you go to the following page:

The different releases are found on: products / charts Also discography & a gig listing up to date: Once a NARAS - Grammy voting member for many years with Certificate on Page one of

Her are various reference letters

& iTunes Apple: ( which search their listing Then Broadcast Music Inc: ( but log to access listing of Nikki Hornsby song releases.

(Live recorded radio offline & online Interviews found on a YouTube Google Bing yahoo Search ) many support videos plus shows CNN international FIFA games. Twitter @cjpstaff @nikkihornsby twitter address & then go to plus other streaming places. Asked to be a Professional song reviewer per song:

Read my biography to see I have developed my own Nikki Hornsby teaching method to play guitar for beginners. All verified success by Military Community Center students while I was in Europe written testimony page. which are jpgsby

As a Lifelong song writer I have written way over 300 to 1k more market tested songs of lyrics & music: pop, rock, blues, a cepella, folk, country Americana, patriotic, etc. View & hear online samples of a few of my songs.

I truly hope you enjoy the talent I share the gifts from my Hornsby Family Music Tradition Inheritance (read to understand why. My famous Grandfather online shows his over 700 contributions to Columbia, RCA Victor Records plus more. Go see the truth:

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