Nikki Brar

Freelance Fashion Blogger in Milan

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Nikki Brar is a freelance fashion blogger and up-and-coming fashion designer. Inspired by the Fashion Week events of Paris, London and New York, Nikki hopes to create unique designs that speak to a larger theme about the world around her.

Since 2021, Nikki Brar has detailed her travels in fashion in her own words on the Nikki Brar Design blog. But she’s no newcomer to the Fashion Week events themselves. In fact, she’s followed these exciting series of shows for as long as she can remember! For Nikki, these fashion shows are about so much more than the pieces displayed. It’s a whole entire culture! By documenting her thoughts on Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, Nikki hopes to inspire others to take a different path in their approach to fashion overall. Although the designs and creations of designers like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton and even rising high fashion designers are always the centerpiece of each show, there’s something to be said about the event itself. From the themes to the stars in attendance, Nikki discusses it all in her freelance fashion blogging adventures!