Nikki Nies, MS,RD, LD

Dietitian in Dallas, Texas

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Since my 2014 graduation of combined master's and dietetic internship, I've learned that I love the challenges that life throws at you while you're trying to balance the demands of school, internship, networking, colleague relationships and family! I'm grateful I've come to find one doesn't have to trade flavor for health as eating 'well' doesn't have to mean eating badly. By providing others the awareness about the different choices/options they have is rewarding as it empowers clients that small lifestyle changes DO make a difference. I enjoy getting to know the whole person and seeing the whole picture and how food plays a role in their daily life.

I am constantly working to improve my written and oral skills, specifically using my blog, We Dish Nutrition, as a means to articulate sound nutrition advice and connect with a variety of readers. This blog has obtained over 2600 followers and has helped me find my own voice and writing style. My inquisitive nature and quest to aid others to find a balance between health and nourishment has confirmed that my passion for nutrition makes me the perfect addition to any team. I thrive in a fast paced environment, if you're looking for someone to embrace your cause, contact me!

  • Work
    • Christian Care Center
  • Education
    • Montclair State University
    • Benedictine University