Nikolas Onoufriadis

Strategy and Operations Expert in Boston, MA

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Nikolas Onoufriadis is the Founder and Executive Principal of consulting firm, Power2U. For almost 20 years Nikolas has held executive leadership positions and offered professional services to several companies and organizations, specializing in management and strategy consulting, business development, and government relations. He has acted as a liaison for international companies, worked with government agencies and organizations, participated in critical discussions and negotiations, and organized targeted events, among others.

Nikolas graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations from the University of Massachusetts, and a second Bachelor degree in Politics and Psychology from Harvard University. He also graduated Suffolk University with two Master degrees on public management and international relations. Following graduation, Nikolas served as an advisor on the Kerry/Edwards Presidential Campaign, where he developed his people and leadership skills, while also refining his diplomatic abilities.

Nikolas prides himself as a great communicator and relies on real-world experiences and lessons learned. He loves interacting with people and building relationships, as well as using communication tools to “connect the dots”. Many of his clients resort to his problem-solving methods, while those who befriend or work with Nikolas benefit from his cross-cultural statesmanship and negotiating strategies.

An avid business traveler, Nikolas is active in philanthropy and academic mentorship, participates in speaking engagements, and is always encouraging emerging talent. He is proficient in his native Greek and English, and has also previously worked on his Spanish and German. He has served in the Greek Armed Forces Armored Cavalry Division, and also provided mental health services during his tenure there.