Nikolet Zwart

Lawyer and Social Entrepreneur in Noordwijk, Nederland

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As a lawyer specialized in international (Public Private) Partnerships in biotechnology and vegetable breeding, I acquired insight in the global agribusiness and food chains.

My ultimate aim is to support the 'Meso Sector'​ (Women Networks, Private and Public Education Sector and Social Entrepreneurs) in addressing 'wicked problems'​ (Food Insecurity, Climate Change, Migration, Water Scarcity, Gender Inequality).

We developed a "Public Private Partnership Program"​ and "Entrepreneurship Program"​ for the Meso Sector​, based on an innovative 'Model for Inclusive, Precompetitive and Sustainable Public Private Partnership for Development and addressing Wicked Problems'​. This Model is based on the longlasting experience of The Netherlands in Agricultural Public Private Research Partnerships (i.e. Bio Seeds/KeyGene, CBSG and TTI-GG), the current developments in NGO funding and the ever broadening gap between the 'big money'​ and the 'receiving end'/public.

I am grateful to be able to invest time and/or money in innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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