Nikunj Sakhrelia

Software Engineer and Project Manager in Galway, Ireland

For now it's just me Nikunj Sakhrelia, striving to become great at his job! Wants bigger things in life. Loves when inner kid takes command. Find passions in converting innovative ideas into reality with any means required, even if he have to learn a whole new language. I find my inspiration in helping others to become better at what they do. I believe in being adaptive and in testing our limits to truly reach our maximum potential.

Currently with all passion working on GAMEGOLF to see his dream life into reality. Thinks he can expect an exciting future. Family is his greatest strength & thinks where he reached today is because of their love and blessings. Have a lovely wife and a wonderful son without them there is no Nikunj Sakhrelia.

I have been working on Android since 2010, experienced in wide variety of applications. Along with Android got some experience in Appcelerator Titanium, Flex, Actionscript and php. Recently started with IOS Development too.

A good friend and true advisor, yeah try him you will not disappoint. Enjoy learning foreign language like Korean and French. Learning Guitar now a days.

  • Work
    • Sr.Android Developer @gamegolf
  • Education
    • MSc.IT