Nils Weinander

Software Engineer in Stockholms län, Sverige

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I was born in Karlstad, Sweden 1964, I think I remember the first moon landing. I grew up as a precocious nerd, learning to read and write when I was four (my brother is three years older than I, and I wanted to do what he did).

I was a lonely kid, so I indulged in astronomy and bird watching when I didn't have any friends. I wanted to be an astronomer, until I realized that before I could study astronomy I would have to learn huge amounts of very boring physics.

Thus I spent high school playing role-playing games and not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. Thinking of it, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Then I slipped on a banana peel into computers. I have spent my professional life developing various systems, most of which won't interest most of you. But I still think that Fornsök for which I am one of the developers is pretty cool. (It is the swedish National Heritage Board's database of archaeological monuments).

In 1987, I moved to Stockholm for my first job. Apart from some time in the '90s when I returned to my home town, trying to convince myself that telecom was the business of the future (might stil be, but I found it quite boring to work with), I have lived within a 2 km radius since 1988, so I guess I am rather fond of the place.

I currently work for Altrusoft AB, because I think FOSS is an excellent idea and because I want to work with projects which in one small way or other make the world a better place. The most interesting thing I'm working on now is KulturNav.

In 1997, I met Anna, who is wise, beautiful and wonderful. In 2001 we were engaged, in Rome. On Easter Eve, 2002 we got married in a mission covent chapel in Värmland, same place where Anna's parents were married on an Easter Eve in the late '50s and her maternal grandparents were married on an Easter Eve in the '20s.

March 1st, 2006 our daughter Klara was born. A child of spring then, but outside there was a snow storm.

And now I'm getting long-winded, if you have read this far on this kind of site, you are a patient person!

  • Work
    • Consultant at Altrusoft
  • Education
    • Systems Analysis, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Astronomy