Nimble Sage Group

Film maker Industry in Alexandria, Virginia

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Nimble Sage

We are a turnkey film and entertainment company that provides a comprehensive list of services to filmmakers and industry investors. We help people who do innovative work connect with those who want to invest in engaging projects. From pre-production to distribution, we can get you the most talented people, with the right knowledge, for the best price.

Nimble Sage is committed to helping our clients succeed both creatively and financially. Through an extensive network of experienced industry professionals, Nimble Sage works with all stakeholders to ensure that making great movies is as effortless as watching them.Well, almost.

Film Finance

As Executive Producers, we find the right investors for independent film and television projects. We bridge the abyss between the vision of the filmmaker and the expectations of their financial backers. We keep things moving on schedule, on focus, and on budget.

Casting Administration

We collaborate with a range of Casting Directors to find the lead actors, background talent, stand-ins and voice-over artists for your project. Whether you’re working on a short-film or a full-length feature, we can find you the precise professionals you’re looking for.

Film Production

Surrounding yourself with people who know what they’re doing makes the road from first concept to final cut an awful lot easier. If there are a thousand problems between you and your gala premier, Nimble Sage has a thousand solutions. Actually, five thousand. That’s the number of industry professionals we count in our growing network of specialists you can rely on, every step of the way.

Film Distribution

By outsourcing to the best distributors in the business, we can assure our clients that their work will be seen. We start by developing a multi-faceted distribution strategy that covers all potential vehicles including theatrical release, DVDs, VOD, and a multitude of digital platforms. Diversity and technology govern the contemporary entertainment markets, and our partners have at least one toe in all of them.

Product Placement

There’s a frame in every film that can effortlessly host your product, and we’ll help you find just the right one. As a corporate client, we bring you together with the key decision makers who can seamlessly place your brand in their production. Whether on a billboard, park bench or in the hands of the lead actor, wewill get your image onto the big