Nanjira Sambuli

Researcher in Nairobi, Kenya

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Culture shaper. History maker.

Thinking out loud on the Internet, Twitter especially... Outgoing Head of Research at iHub, where I've been overseeing tech research in East Africa.

Past hats donned in the new media space: worked with Sandstorm Kenya, UN-Habitat, UNEP to name a few.

Also worked with awareness campaigns/initiatives across the Africa: Mzalendo: Eye on Kenyan Parliament, Kenya Feb 28, Africans Act 4 Africa among others.

I had the pleasure of editing the Innovative Africa: The New Face of Africa essay collection and have contributed to various publications, including on Kenya's media policy (on the role of social media).

I sit on the advisory board of Sum of Us, also a board member at the Media Policy Research Centre, and a member of the Networked News Lab. All are great organisations; privileged to be involved with them!

Did I mention dabbling in music in a recent past life? Good times!

Conviction: Africa is not poor, just mismanaged; a statement that I'm keen on ensuring becomes a reality. Africa's storytellers, scholars, denizens and netizens are connecting/educating/raising awareness online, all informing the richesse and diversity on the continent.

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