Little Ninjai

Ninja in United States

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Making his way across the beautiful, ancient lands, one would never expect the skilled assassin that Ninjai is. His loose brown shirt began to endure the most of his travels, with seams beginning to tear and trail off past the top of his long grey pants.

This was his uniform, his uniform that allowed him to blend in with the everyday person who would never know of the horrors that he can commit. His intelligent disposition allows him to move freely, talking to people with a charm and innocence that made Ninjai journey adventurous, deadly and charming as well and it is a tremendous thing to witness when we see his deadly katana blade swishing against demons.

Ninjai’s jet-black hair had now grown past his shoulders, requiring him to tie it up neatly to maintain his innocence in public. His facial hair however was not as abundant and partially grew from his chin and sideburns yet his piercing green eyes – unique for the region – told a story that very few people would understand.

He hid this Ninja life story incredibly well however, never wanting to put any of his friends in danger while he undertook missions to protect communities from demons that were always lurking close by as soon as the sun went down.

Ninjai acknowledged the fact that his mission may put his friends in danger. Never revealing any information to them, he had one bird friend that he would convey his thoughts to – Little Bird.

With fantastic yellow eyes that shone brilliantly in the dark, The Little Bird would often sit on the Ninjai’s shoulder to sleep during the day but just like Ninjai, he would transform and be on high alert in the pitch-black night as he battled demons.

Demons were not Ninjai’s only concern; he had built a strong clan of enemies from the past that would attempt to bring their own justice to him. No one ever succeeded, however.

The only result was a group of men lying strewn on the floor in pools of their own blood – their blood needing to be cleaned from Ninjai’s katana.

Ninjai had a brown satchel backpack which held all of his items necessary for his travels. Any food was stashed were possible but his friendship with the little bird meant that he had an abundance of food to eat.

He was not just a ninja, he was a precise, calculating, and lethal assassin that would not take anything less than justice.

His past and present path had led him to not only contemplate aspects of his life, but his mission as well.