Nir Levy

Hi there!
Well, only since you're wondering:

I am a curious 21 year old Israeli American. I frequently sneak onto stages as a nightlife photographer, I develop websites and play around with code (Python, PHP, CSS, HTML). I pretend to be some wannabe/struggling entrepreneur. I frequently forget that I am also a full time Emory student. But I love all of my classes.

If you want to be involved in one of the projects below, please contact me. Email me by using my first name at

Proud to be involved in:
(no particular order)

  • Nightly Labs (
    I make websites do cool things with code. I also invent scalable white hat SEO strategies with the help of a creative marketing team in India. Co-founder with my college roomate.
  • Campus Bubble LLC (
    As a co-founder, I lead technology development and out reach for this growing web startup.
  • South-Pak, Inc. (
    I manage web marketing for a leading manufacturer of prototypes and custom cases for industry and military.
  • ATeL Events (
    Photographer of the world's largest DJs and Atlanta's craziest partiers. It's a party promotion company hiding a social web marketing powerhouse.
  • SEA Brand LLC (
    Still figuring out my role in an apparel company akin to RED brand. They're doing amazing things and I wish I had more time.
  • TEDxEmory (
    I coordinate with Emory's public/media relations and abuse Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about TED.
  • (
    I exchange emails with the founder exploring crazy ideas.