Nishchal Kesarwani

Teacher, Consultant, and Artist in Uttarakhand, India

Nishchal Kesarwani

Teacher, Consultant, and Artist in Uttarakhand, India

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I was a scholarship holder for academics, I played state level cricket and basketball. I won awards for public speaking and drama. I’m now just riding along finding inspiration in everything along the way. Some of those inspirations I manifest with my son,

During my teens and beyond, I lived in the Himalayas as much as I lived in the cities. When I am in a city, I cycle to my meetings and when I am in the mountains, I trek to them. I am big on fitness and harmony. I believe in a state of yog. I was once in 2011 induced by LSD into an extraordinary state of cosmic expansion with eyes shut. It made me respond to vibrations like never before. I saw sound.

A year after that I went to a music speaker at a cafe in Goa, and became a wave for 5 hours to have found myself in an equally long Samadhi. No substance, just vibrations. That changed everything. It made me a yogi again. It made me simpler. It expanded my mind to realms that describe universe and no god.

It made me a philosopher who took a leap from technology and design, to metaphysics. It made me a dancer who could show music. It made me see and understand complexities, simply. It made me identify fundamental problems. As a result I began my company - on a mission to bring freedom to the world. There I incubate ideas I have, by and to raise the conciousness of my fellow beings, through karma yoga. When you read about me, read about my company. The boundlessness of it is a reflection of the boundlessness in me.

To pursue my mission of liberation of my fellow beings, from structures, boundaries and meanings of the recent past, I have turned down millions of dollars worth job/acquisition offers including job offers from founders of and to join their company as a founder/director respectively. You may read more about me here to know how my company describes me.

Good luck finding me. I live out of a suitcase, floating from one place to another. Expect a lot from me for I will give you a lot. Give me time.

I love this quote by Jaun Paul Sartre - "In life man commits himself and draws his own portrait, outside of which there is nothing".

Note to the youth: The youth, you have internet for information and your mind for knowledge. You don’t even need me. Let alone money.

Remember my name. It is Nishchal Kesarwani. I am your new lover.

...and now, yoga.

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