Nishchal Kesarwani

Teacher, Consultant, and Artist in Uttarakhand, India

Nishchal Kesarwani

Teacher, Consultant, and Artist in Uttarakhand, India

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I was a scholarship holder for academics, I played state level cricket and basketball. I won awards for public speaking and drama. I’m now just riding along finding inspiration in everything along the way. Some of those inspirations I manifest with my son,

During my teens and beyond, I lived in the Himalayas as much as I lived in the cities. When I am in a city, I cycle to my meetings and when I am in the mountains, I trek to them. I am big on fitness and harmony. I believe in a state of yog. I was once in 2011 induced by LSD into an extraordinary state of cosmic expansion with eyes shut. It made me respond to vibrations like never before. I saw sound.

A year after that I went to a music speaker at a cafe in Goa, and became a wave for 5 hours to have found myself in an equally long Samadhi. No substance, just vibrations. That changed everything. It made me a yogi again. It made me simpler. It expanded my mind to realms that describe universe and god.

It made me a philosopher who took a leap from technology and design, to metaphysics. It made me a dancer who could show music. It made me see and understand complexities, simply. It made me identify fundamental problems. As a result I began my company - on a mission to bring freedom to the world. There I incubate ideas I have, by and to raise the conciousness of my fellow beings, through karma yoga. When you read about me, read about my company. The boundlessness of it is a reflection of the boundlessness in me.

To pursue my mission of liberation of my fellow beings, from structures, boundaries and meanings of the recent past, I have turned down millions of dollars worth job offers. You may read more about me here to know how my company describes me.

I just want to - live a simple life, be in love, go to parties, drink and dance. Travel the mountains and oceans. Make my own furniture. Roll in green meadows. Watch the stars and satellites. Smoke pot and play sports.

My alter ego however, wants to just build a great company that takes human culture, to freedom.

Good luck finding me. I live out of a suitcase, floating from one place to another. Expect nothing from me. Hence, I will give you a lot. Give me time. Remember my name. It is Nishchal Kesarwani. I am your new lover.

Note to the youth: The youth, you have internet for information and your mind for knowledge. You don’t even need me. Let alone money.

Note to self : and now, yoga.

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