Nivedha Venkatesh

I never understood how creativity creeps in only in the dead of the night. I think it's the soundproof time for a mind which devotes itself to your boundless yet senseful thoughts. Trying to relive that moment?

The sound of your laptop key strokes, the calm hustling of the fan above you, the occassional refridgerator compressor, a random street dog barking and some drunk man singing!

My goal right now is to achieve this serenity in my head at all times. To feel the pleasure of deep sleep with my eyes wide open. The mind is either a fertile-land or a junkyard. Be careful about what you put in it . It just takes once for the land bearing to become a wasteland FOREVER!

We go round and round in circles, battling Karma, trying to understand the difference between the good deed and bad deed. But I say the circle stops when the deed is attached to no good or no bad! Confuse the mind, make it beg for an explanation and offer it none. Tell her the time is over, you wear no clock on you anymore and you have no attachments to the world any longer.

This is probably the most I could ever tell you about myself. :)