Nathaniel McGuigan

During my first summer in the USF Upward Bound Math and Science Project I was given the most challenging summer project I could ever imagine. I was paired up with four other students whom I did not know. We were to create an evacuation plan and city manual in the event of a disastrous storm called Wacka Flocka. One of my assignments as a role of the CEO of this group was to write what you see below. I selected the role of CEO because I wondered what the job of the CEO would entail and what challenges a CEO would facedaily. You will see my fictitious biography, as well as transcripts from our discussion of the fictitious storm. I hope you find this information valuable as well as entertaining.

Roles : I am the CEO of Genentech.

Responsibility : I manage costs and supply chain routes for hospitals , drug store and clinics.

Background: My qualifications for my position were a college degree in business and a pharmacist professional degree (DPharm). I was recruited from pharmacy school by Walgreens and eventually went on to manage various regions of the national operations. I designed and instituted systems that were cost savings and helped to bolstered the quality of service delivery.

Briefs: It is in recent news that the Wacka Flocka storm is about to hit San Francisco within the week. As the CEO specializing in pharmaceuticals my job is to provide medicine for my city which consists of the Fillmore District, Hays Valley, Alamo Square and the Western Addition. I will need to prepare for when the disaster strikes. I would need to order in a shipment of supplies from neighboring states that should come in after the storm strike the vicinity of my city. I can provide my services to most of the people in the Fillmore. But due to the heavy amounts of rainfall that will be heading our way it is most likely that the general population of theFillmore District.