Alvaro Lourenço

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm the internet nerd since the ancient webmaster times; Previously head of strategy and UX at Clicaço! for 8 eight years; Sr. UX designer for Samsung Electronics since 2013.

Ease of use has always been my business. My best work typically rises from balancing the mindset of clients, users, designers and developers. I'm quite a talker, and advocator for everybody's interest.

Complexity is my ground zero. People are my sources of inspiration. Simplicity is nirvana. And I’m always staring the state of art, for something beyond the best.

I've been through plenty of graphic, web, motion, visual and interactive design, mentorship, production, and web development. Lately I'm working exclusively on mobile and virtual reality.

Peek my work at and In case you like it, let's meet also on Twitter or LinkedIn. We can do a lot more toguether.

I'm pretty much everywhere digital. Call for noAlvaro, and I'm usually around.

  • Work
    • Clicaço!
  • Education
    • BA in Advertising, PUC