Takao Miura

Tokyo Japan

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Biography : Takao Miura ( Noah's ART ) I was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. When I was 24, I start drawing & doodling during the travel in NewZealand. I’ve never learned how to draw but somehow I’ve been kept drawing so far. My drawings & patterns are mainly consists of Maori’s tribal design and botanical pattern. And also I sometimes use Japanese traditional pattern called “和柄(wagara)”. I doodle not only on the paper but also on the leather, glass, china, leaves, wooden board, clothes and so on!! Currently I'm working as a freelance illustrator & designer. Please check my art works here. And If you are interested in my art works, please feel free to contact me! Here is the contact page of my web site. I'm looking for some interesting project or a person who are trying to start doing something interesting or a new. And also, I'll be really happy if you could show & introduce my art works to somewhere or someone. I'm not such a great person but I'm believing in that I can do something new with my drawings and communication skills. I have my own web site but I'm mostly writing in Japanese. So please check my Facebook or Tumblr, or Instagram. I'm using them in English. Hopefully, I can meet with nice & interesting people through this about.me and do something really interesting things. Thank you for visiting my page and reading my bio. 1983.12.3 北海道 札幌市出身 大学では心理学・言語聴覚療法学を学び言語聴覚士の国家資格を取得するも医療の道には進まずニュージーランドに渡る。 ニュージーランドでは旅をしながら働き、現地のマオリ族のトライバルデザインに影響され昔から好きだった絵を独学で描き始め現在に至る。絵のベースはマオリ族の部族模様と植物(花、つた)。 Doodler(落書き家)と名乗っている通り「落書き」が基本スタイルで、ほぼ下書きをせずに感覚で描くことが多い。 媒体も紙のみならず、「革」「葉」「木」「服・靴・鞄」「陶器」「ガラス」など何にでも描く。 自分の作り出すパターンで色々な物が埋め尽くされていくのを見るのが好き。

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