Noam Frohlich


I'm a Creative Architect, Content Entrepreneur & Dreams Implementation Specialist.

I can make your Product, Campaign, Business or even YOU, look and sound awesome, without any Botox injection or smart surround system (but yet with a little Photoshop retouch...).

I crack, develop, construct, fabricate, pronounce, repair, composite, consult and install all types of creative and content cool projects! I specialize in Inventing, Consulting & Managing experiential content for Events, International Festivals & Shows, Crowdfunding Campaigns, TV Formats Developing, PR, Making Amazing Videos & Presentations, Leading Unusual & Underground Creative Activities. I've experienced, tasted and swam in the most hardest clients briefs ever, but ate them all without salt, for breakfast! I have many years of knowledge and experience, and the exactly abilities and qualifications to give you the complete 360 degrees and One Stop Shop answer...