Noam Kostucki

Coach, business coach, and author in New York

Noam Kostucki

Coach, business coach, and author in New York

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People say I’m always positive but the truth is that shit happens to me, too: I've failed several times in business and I've been homeless twice. I believe that everything can be elevated into an art form. I create and help others create. My creations include a talk at Harvard University, my first book made required reading at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and living in life in which I do what I love and I can travel 12 months a year!

In the last decade, I've engaged with over 25,000 people from over 40 nationalities through training, coaching and keynote speeches.

Some of my most amazing creations happen through conversations because I coach people who create masterpieces beyond my reach.

  • A client has the 40th most viewed TED talk with over 6,200,000 views
  • A client raised $500,000 within a week of changing their investors pitch

Everyone has masterpieces waiting to be created, and everybody can live a magical life. You can get my help and guidance in two ways:

1. If you're ready to create your life's masterpiece, visit Redefine Us.

2. If you want to live a more magical life, visit the Art of a Magical Life

If you want to explore my other creations, check the links below:

  • Photography (4 exhibitions)
  • Books (3 business books, 2 photography books)
  • Writing (50+ media appearance)
  • Talks (2 TEDx, UK Business Speaker of the Year 2011 Award runner up)
  • Timelapses (Morocco, Belgium, UK, NYC and more)