Noble Newman

Author and Entrepreneur in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Noble Newman is an entrepreneur, author, and former elementary school teacher. Like most teachers, Noble didn't get into it for the money. Rather, he has a passion for fostering transformative change in the lives of students. With a deep love for reading and writing, Noble has now taken his talents into the business world in order to launch his own personal projects and children's novel books.

Noble was born in New Jersey and raised in Long Island. Enraptured by the power of reading and writing to take people to new places, Noble decided to move upstate in New York to attend Colgate University, where he earned degrees in education and philosophy.

While there, Noble Newman met the woman who would eventually marry, and the two decided to pack up and move to Illinois. Out west, he earned a Master's Degree in Educational Organization and Leadership in order to cultivate his skills and talents within the education sector. After a short stint in Michigan, Noble, his wife, and his young children moved again and settled in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

When it comes to education, Noble Newman looks to provide his students with the power to read, write, and speak knowledgeably about the world around them. For him, he believes that reading can provide young minds with valuable life lessons and an escape from the stresses of young life. If you can add a dash of humor and fantasy, then children will be even more inclined to challenge their minds by reading.

One of Noble's proudest moments in education was receiving the SENG honor (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) with testimony including: “Noble Newman uses his understanding of individual and social learning theory, as well as child and adolescent development theory to form his decisions about how to teach.” and “Noble Newman excites his students to reach beyond themselves to find their own answers, own questions, and own voice…”

Because of his love for reading, Noble has taken the leap of faith in writing several young adult novels. Writing is the pathway to the soul and Noble continues to utilize that passion to form words into sentences into paragraphs in his books. He continues to use his experience in day-to-day dealings, writing, and establishing the groundwork for his business. His writings include blog articles on education and a few picture books, which are in the final stages of revision.

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