Chris Blais/Nordmach

Windsor, ON Canada

Christopher Blais/aka: Nordmach from Windsor, ON Canada – A proud member of the Ember Music Label and a 5th generation musician who has a love for all styles of music, but was really attracted to the synthesizer when he heard early recordings of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Yaz & Depeche Mode.

Having played and recorded throughout Canada and the U.S., Chris has also had the opportunity to produce music for television, radio and independent film. Chris is currently involved in two projects. Nordmach - his electronic persona and Drop Dead Famous - which is a 5 piece pop/rock act. Both projects are available via iTunes.

Chris has been programming music for more than half his lifetime. His love for his craft has always provided an outlet for authentic expression of self – a way to live from the inside out.

Like any trade, he continues to submerge himself within these realms, affirming his commitment and passion for programming and creating music. Currently having fun with equipment such as - Ableton Live, Novation LaunchPad, Akai APC40, Access Virus, iPad, Midi Designer, Touch-Able to name a few.

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    • University Of Windsor - Digital Technician