Norina Shah


Norina shah from Quetta,Pakistan. I'm 16 years old. My interest is in Astronomy and want to become First young Astronomer of Pakistan. Astronomy is my passion. My main purpose is to encouraging others to never give up, who is pursuing a goal. Because it's time to build a better World, no more waiting for us to know this, we got the power to change it, We can feel it. The time is now divine society. As our energy strengthens so do the concept. These ideas are that which develops creation and creation of life, because are not the bodies occupy but the force that occupies the vessels in order to spread this energy through out the World.

I'm also Young Asian Ambassador at Eduzine Global ( For more info visit our website ) Here I am just for encouraging young people for their aims. Please support me for my mission. If you've any positive view for changing the World, so feel free to share it. Email me at [email protected]

Because Its time to make One Better World,


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    • Sacred Heart Girls High School Quetta