Jim Norris

Sunny Florida

A lifetime resident of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Jim’s background and experience is in retail operation and management. An entrepreneur from age 17, he developed and operated a group of family owed beachwear stores producing an annual gross in excess of 2.5 million dollars.

He became a licensed realtor in Maryland in 1992 after having built and sold over 50 single family homes in Maryland and Delaware. As a land developer and builder he created opportunities for young families and first time homebuyers.

Jim also became a restaurateur and in 1986 he opened a 300 seat restaurant. Boy, did that take some up front money before he could serve one dinner. Jim started multi level marketing (that always facinated him) in 1996 with a company called Pre-Paid Legal where he reached the Silver Executive level. That is until he was shown a direct sales company and he went on to be the first person in the company to earn the elite level. Jim also built the largest team within that company (One Big Team) and earned a place on the Executive Leadership Counsel.

Jim then retired but that didn’t last long as he’s back! And he’s helping folks escape the terrible economy with National Wealth Center.

It seems that folks have had enough of programs with guru’s that just grab your money and go, or MLM’s that have you earning pennies, but leave you with HUGE bills. Maybe you are a “Baby Boomer” and you are at or near retirement without the time to “build a team”, you’ve got to earn money and you need it right now. Adult money, not the small commissions you’d earn from an MLM program. Perhaps you are used to earning executive money, but only low wage jobs are available. In this economy, younger folks will work for less.

If you’ve just had enough and you need a lifeline, Jim’s got one. To grab it, call 352-801-0015 (if no answer, leave a message), Jim answers his own phone and makes his own callbacks.

Jim’s personal mission is to foster self-esteem, self-responsibility, and the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone that he meets. You are invited to contact Jim to explore how he can help you.

Phone: 352-801-0015
Personal Email: j.s.norris@comcast.net

website: http://www.makeadultmoney.info

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