Nouva Xeinron

B.M.I Work No: 014501576
At Sergeant Moore's Death, came Nouva Xeinron! Sergeant Moore served 9 years in the United states Army, and 4 of those years was Overseas! That's 42 months, and if I was to do the math on days , that would be a lot more days in a desert than YOU! He was known as a kid to rhyme against his shadow, cause he had no one to battle, got sick of chilling with snakes, so he ripped them for their rattle's! That Nouva's one smooth mother lover! He moved on to study and learn the art's of martial, teaching him mad discipline and respect for his craft. Nouva had to quit battling on 10 Apr 2012 after being shot in the stomach by a paintball gun for spitting about someone's grand-mother, later that day created the SUPER LABEL- XEINRON DYNISTI! Nouva now teaching young children the art of rhyme, and sometimes break-dance! The Gospel of Nouva Xeinron from Sergeant to Civilian will be out SOON!