Rapper/Producer from Berkeley, CA. Born May 21, 1989. Novacaine was attracted to money at a very young age. He dates his earliest earnings as far back as the third grade, where he and several of his friends banded together to sell gold plated Michael Jordan, trading cards to kids throughout their elementary school. This drove the young artist to continue his hustle as he got older, landing his first job at the age of 13, getting paid under the table at a real estate agency in Oakland, CA. As a janitor. "It allowed me to grow up rather fast. " says the rapper about his work experience at the time. When "the shit hit the fan" back at novacaine's household, both his parents found themselves unemployed in this constantly changing new millennium. Leading Novacaine to dropout of highschool at the age of fifteen, his problems at home began to get real as he found himself working just to help support his fam. " That's not how a child should live, " he expressed, " You shouldn't have to worry about money when your tryna do your homework. " Eventually, Nova stopped showing up for work at the real estate company and began rapping and selling drugs. Nova embraced this newly found hobby, and ran with it. Soon enough, his flow became infectious and he began recording music with whomever, wherever, whenever he could. He and a couple of friends formed a studio at one of their homes in Berkeley, and that quickly became the after school hangout! Eventually Nova began building content, enough to sell. Thus, leading him to sell cd's, as he linked up with local artist and "Hip-Hop Head, " D.NOK. The two bonded quickly as D.NOK brainlessly took Nova under his wing and taught him how to turn his hustle into a legit one. Caine now found himself racing to keep up with D.NOK's true ambition, as selling cd's was how he provided for himself every single day! NO LIE!!!. Novacaine, being a couple years younger than D.NOK wasn't as driven at the time and bagan to slack on his cd sales, eventually putting his entire music making ordeal on a back burner. Novacaine was back in the streets. This time pushing Thizz to fellow classmates as well as committing his share of home invasions. This lifestyle carried on for years until novacaine found himself behind bars for a firearm. At the same time, his family was evicted and his mother was diagnosed with MS. Released and placed on felony probation, Nova focuses on rap now!