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Now Health International is an insurance service provider that aims to give quality healthcare access to all its members from all around the globe.

Now Health International is an international private medical insurance provider headquartered in Hong Kong. It has operations in various locations around the globe like Singapore, Beijing, and the UK. Now Health International believes that everyone deserves nothing but the best insurance plans that can be accessed easily, quickly, and efficiently.

Now Health International aims to bridge the gap between the need for an international health insurance and the availability of plans that members can choose from. With easy to use tools and top-notch service, Now Health International remains as one of the leading providers of international medical health in many parts of the globe.

Products & Services

There are several types of insurance available at Now Health International. People planning to reside overseas for a long time have the option of getting expat health insurance and those who are going abroad for long-term study can opt for a health insurance plan dedicated to addressing the needs of international students. Group health insurance is also available at Now Health International.

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You can send us a message through the Contact Us page on our website. There you’ll also see our hotline numbers in different locations like Miami, Beijing, Shanghai, Toronto, and more.