Nicholas Welsch Preciado

Student and Designer in Bothell, Washington

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Nicholas Welsch Preciado is a student at Lake Washington Institute of Technology working towards a degree in Digital Gaming and Media Design. He is currently enrolled in a two year program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology in the Multi-Media Design Program (MMDP). In this program, Nicholas has gained many valuable skills in a number of areas including

-Digital Design
-Video Game Creation

From his experiences in the MMDP, Nicholas Welsch Preciado plans to find a job in the industry while continuing his education in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Applied Technical Science.

Nicholas Welsch Preciado has always had a passion and natural talent for art. Since he was a kid, he has loved drawing, sketching, painting, and writing. He has a great deal of creativity and a strong imagination. He is now looking to gain more knowledge in the technical aspects of art.

Nicholas Preciado has also always been an avid gamer, both with video games and table top games. He has even had the opportunity to help with game testing for Elder Scrolls Online.

Nicholas Welsch Preciado is excited to combine his passions for gaming, art, and design into a career he will truly love and enjoy. He is eager to see what is to come in the future.