Dinh Q. Nguyen

Software Engineer in Vietnam

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I am a computer geek and a sport lover.

I am working at Veriksytems, building web api for a smart home system, and interface to assistance like Alexa.

Caring about reliable, maintainable software, I always require my projects to be setup with CI, be driven with TDD, BDD process.

I founded Ubisen, a group of tech activists working in providing M2M solutions. At Ubisen, we built connected devices with Zigbee SoC, SubGhz, Wifi; we also built cloud platform to make connecting more easy. I was a consultant at SmartGrow, building monitoring system for their hydroponic.

I love building distributed systems from tiny embedded chip to the cloud. My tools are Linux, C, NodeJS, Python.

  • Education
    • HCMUT Vietnam
    • KIT Korea