The nation's highways are, in many respects, safer than ever. Fatalities and serious injuries per mile driven have been trending steadily downward for decades, and a number of important factors have contributed to this successful safety record. Car manufacturers deserve a lot of credit, as their increasing focuses on safety, though often spurred by regulatory requirements, have resulted in vehicles that are safer than ever when unavoidable accidents do happen. Successful campaigns against drunk and otherwise-inhibited driving, too, have made a lot of difference in ensuring that those traveling on the nation's roads get to their destinations safely. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been another bright spot, living up with great energy to its mandate to make sure that commercial drivers in the country are as safe as can be.

In fact, a recent development on the part of the FMCSA is likely to further reduce the chances of accidents happening on the nation's roads and highways. Effective May 21 of 2014, a new centralized registry lists those medical examiners qualified to pronounce on the fitness for duty of commercial drivers across the country. Previously, individual states had levied their own requirements for medical examiners of this sort, creating a patchwork of regulations and training courses that undeniably left some holes in its vast quilt. The new National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, on the other hand, will ensure that a single, appropriately high standard is used by physicians and other health professionals all across the country.

This positive development has undeniably created some work for those who wish to become qualified under the new program. Fortunately, services like that at have arisen which are designed to make it as easy as possible for health professionals to prepare for and pass the exam. Dubbed NRCME Prep, this new service, in fact, is the only one which offers practice tests for the NRCME exam online, a great advantage to those who make use of it.

In the end, successful nrcmeprep is likely to be little trouble for those dedicated health professionals who have already undergone so much schooling and training as parts of their careers. By ensuring that every medical examiner who provides health clearance for