Nikos Sarilakis

Nikos Sarilakis

A San Francisco transplant with an eye for design, an ear that can hear previously undetected frequencies of customer insights, and a brain that refuses to choose between the right and left side.

Not your typical marketer, Nikos possesses the perfect blend of creativity and analytical thinking; moving effortlessly from big picture brainstorming to executing granular details - he is happiest when he is creating.

An entrepreneur at heart, Nikos is also the Co-Founder of, a community marketplace where travelers can discover authentic experiences curated by locals. Never one to miss an opportunity to learn, he took on new challenges as design lead, marketing director, and the 'voice' of the company.

With an unrelenting curiosity about new media communications and its role in shaping today's society, Nikos has immersed himself in the San Francisco design and startup community. He has received multiple awards and honors recognizing his work in the marketing communications space, including the Excellence in Marketing Award 2008 from American Marketing Association.

His passion for design thinking, creative innovation, and most importantly - getting things done, makes him a tenacious leader and empathetic contributor.