Nate Smith

Morrisville, PA

I am the CTO of American Reading Company and creator of the SchoolPace student performance management system. My team has created an entire digital platform for literacy built around SchoolPace including a comprehensive CCSS-based formative assessment tool, and a subscription-based eBook platform. Through this work, I get to interact with educators around the country, present at conferences, and use technology to help students grow as readers. It's a great life!

Since I'm a software geek at work, I decided to be a hardware geek at home. As an electronics enthusiast, I spend many nights in my basement soldering and writing Arduino code.

I've always been an amusement park enthusiast, and I'm passing on that interest to my kids. (It wasn't a very hard sell!) We enjoy visiting different parks, taking photos, and experiencing the thrills, artwork, and engineering of large-scale amusement rides. I even created a website, ThrillScore, that allows users to catalog the rides they've been on and the parks they've visited.

  • Work
    • American Reading Company