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Nunny Hersianna is a NLP Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach and an International Certified of Hypnotherapist living in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nunny also has a long work experiences as a leader and as a chief executive organizer in a poultry industry for 20 years.

Her unrivaled commitment to people development has been her uniqueness as well as her strength to make her as she is now.

Nunny has her own companies and also works as an associate coach and trainer for several wellknown human resources training companies.

Besides assisted clients to develope life and business vision, setting effective goals and motivated them to take action, Nunny also has a specialization in building a healthy connection between Eating Habit, Productivity and Wellbeing.

One of her program known as 'Golangsing' ( for public ), and 'Workplace Wellness Indonesia' ( for corporate ) that create a happy healthy working culture. Nunny belief that motivation and happiness can be transmitted in a group coaching session.

In the field of sports, she is also an APKI trainer partner for the ‘FITNESS FOR THE MIND’ modul. ( *APKI = Indonesia Fitness Trainer Association )

FITNESS FOR THE MIND is a program that can help a sport coach to enhance their clients goals with a very effective method. After learning this program, a sport coach will not considering only ‘as an expert’ but, instead, the coach will act as a facilitator of learning. With some power questions, the sport coach will get the ability to provoke the clients mind to get what they really want

The sport coach will helps the clients in their Goal-setting to :

- maximize their own personal potential resource without feeling deprived

- have a highest level of awakening about their own goals.

- understand their current level of skill, achievements, and ability to progress,

Establishing goals may seem simple, but to do so effectively requires an understanding of the different types and how to set, monitor, and accomplish them.


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