Nutritional Chef : Paul Sherring

Nutritional Chef and Small Business Owner in England, United Kingdom

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A conscious relationship to food is essential in your life.

  • About 80% of weightloss is down to diet
  • Food and drink can make you feel good or bad
  • You literally are what you eat

A Nutritional Chef is not just the head of a kitchen. He or she is an artist, a nutritionist and a diet consultant, hired to prepare foods that not only taste great, but also provide the nutrients needed to reach specific health, diet and fitness goals.

A Nutritional Chef can support in overcoming diseases such as cancer, diabetes, food allergies and intolerances, or support specified training for events such as marathons or simply assist in weightloss.

"With over 20 years experience, Paul Sherring is a master in the culinary arts."

I am a trained artisan baker, teacher, culinary consultant, coach and experienced chef. I was responsible for the production of handmade artisan breads for award winning Euphorium Bakery, was responsible for the promotion of raw nutrition at Planet Organic, Wholefoods and Nutricentre stores, have worked as a Personal Chef for 2 to 500 guests and have coached individuals and groups in the culinary skills needed to achieve success in the kitchen.

Having studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins, I bring a lot of innovation to food and menu planning. I specialise in a large variety of diets including diabetic, paleo, ayurvedic, gluten free, raw food, vegetarian and vegan diets, and use a number of innovative cooking methods from dehydrating to natural alchemy.

My nutritional areas of expertise help to combat energy, weight, digestive and addiction issues, as well as support fitness goals, empowering a greater sense of health.

I work with companies as a conscious Food Product Developer, designing food and drink products to meet mass market and specialised dietary needs. Each product is designed to ensure maximised nutritional benefit is gained through specialist sourcing, the use of food alchemy to balance and release nutrients and the magic ingredient of food ecstasy for maximised sensorial pleasure.

I also run a conscious catering company for dinner parties and events. Each menu is also maximised for nutritional benefit and sensorial pleasure.

Email me at [email protected] or call me on 07966 664 370 to bring food ecstasy to your life.