Nancy Welliver

I am a naturopathic physician, having graduated from Bastyr University in 1992. I am wildly passionate about the work I do with folks, and love to teach classes and help others find their passion with natural medicine, as well.

My goals are

to contribute to increased compassion and conciousness in the world

to increase the understanding and practice of nonviolent vitalistic medicine particularly by naturopathic physicians

to empower all people around their health and vitality

to reintroduce the American public to Spa medicine-Kneipp hydrotherapy, herbs, halotherapy, etc.

We have formed the Community School of Natural Therapeutics and Healthier Living to provide education to the public and naturopathic physicians in the greater Seattle area. In addition, I'm getting several books formatted for publication, including:

The Essentials of Roots Naturopathic Medicine

Practicing Medicine as If Gaia Mattered

Lectures in the Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine

Love, Sleep and Poop, A Guide to Health

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