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its ya boy tsumiki

hi! im hadley or mikan! i'd really love to be friends! im a 14 yr old nonbinary boy + i love love haikyuu and danganronpa .

im an infp, pisces/sun, cap/moon, phlegmatic, chaotic good, + pan

im really scattered and i have really bad memory issues !! i might forget names, kins, or tags easily, and i may need to be reminded. I'm so sorry if i forget something important!! please dont poke fun at me for this.

i’ve been dating my boyfriend Rain since 2.27.16, and i love him very much!! I also have a qpp by the name of Logan and i love him so much too!! Please don’t follow if you have a problem with either of them!! They mean a lot to me!

im fictionkin!

if you share any i want to promise you that youre just as valid and real!! i promise!!

ME: dont follow if you share plspls!

mikan tsumiki, yamaguchi tadashi, atsushi nakajima, nishimiya shouko, nevy nervine

MAIN: i'd rather you not follow unless we're super close!

sonia nevermind, tweek tweak, rin okumura, chihiro fujisaki, lance (voltron), yoichi saotome

KINS: more than ok to follow! i’ll double tag!

princess parfait, makoto naegi, heather mcnamera, pacifist frisk, osomatsu matsuno, usami (dr2)

OTHERKIN: please follow if we share!!!

dog (golden retriever, shiba inu), tropical fish, ghost, (a slow loading) monitor head.

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PLEASE TAG MENTIONS OF: car accidents, dirkjake, bullying, fights/drama

thank you so much for reading!! dm me a picture of any of my IDs or comfort characters to be accepted! <3