Olayiwola A. Alara

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist in Manhattan, New York

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Born and raised in Western Nigeria, Olayiwola A. Alara moved into the United States in March 2004 to pursue the American dream. After a couple of years, he became inspired towards entrepreneurship. But life took a very different turn and he experienced a failed marriage, termination of employment, bankruptcy and finally homelessness. Olayiwola Alara very quickly learned the true value and importance of humility. He explains that "the performance of any computer is based on the software and hardware installed inside which is why some of us are very fortunate to live the life we live, unlike others, our destiny has been programmed with specific benefits and experiences. Neither of us live perfect lives, what we have is out of mercy. If we judge anyone or opportunities carelessly, we'll be judged equally. We've all fallen short of God's glory".

With this fresh perspective in mind, Olayiwola. Alara founded AllenalarA Group of Companies, LLC with the sole purpose of connecting entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and their clients for a referral fee. As Founder, Chairman and CEO, his company partnered with businesses globally to provide services ranging from consulting, public relations, investment banking, asset management, venture capital, marketing and so much more. Because trust has no value and cannot be measured by figures and numbers in some cases, Olayiwola Alara uses moral values to determine the credibility of his business relationships.

Just recently, his company partnered with Marian Porter to sell gypsum mineral rights for $520 Million worth $23 billion in long term production. In his own words he says "because I have developed a personal relationship with God, there are no limits to the opportunities I can come across because he knows just where everything is". His company is now in the midst of a transition to develop its very own signature chain of luxury hotels, restaurants, commercial real estate, retail brand and an entertainment production company. Olayiwola Alara’s story for survival has become an inspiration to many. He lives in New York City and he is the father of 3 beautiful kids.

  • Work
    • AllenalarA Group of Companies, LLC.
  • Education
    • University of Ibadan, Nigeria