Ozeri Corporation

manufacturer of digital lifestyle products in San Diego, California

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The Ozeri Corporation is a boutique supplier of ultra-modern, digital houseware appliances for the destination resort and hospitality markets. Its specialty products are shipped worldwide to ultra-luxury properties and vacation rentals. In addition, select products from the Ozeri Corporation are available for individual purchase from Costco.com, Amazon.com, and other retailers. The company offers its premium products at steep discounts because the cost of advertising and marketing is not factored in its product prices.

The Ozeri Corporation combines modern decor with digital technology to produce high quality home appliances and items for healthy living. Its popular kitchen products include electric wine openers, electric pepper grinders, and double-walled glassware. Other home appliances include trendy oscillating tower fans with built-in noise reduction technology, and digital photo frames.

The Ozeri Corporation has recently partnered with Microban, a producer of antimicrobial technology. As a result, Ozeri's digital kitchen and bathroom scales include built-in antimicrobial protection. This technology helps the scales remain cleaner and safer. More information can be found at www.microban.com/ozeri.

Another health-based item from the Ozeri Corporation is a digital blood pressure monitor with Color Alert technology. This blood pressure monitor stores up to 180 separate blood pressure readings and classifies each in full-screen green, orange, and red colors to indicate hypertension levels defined by the World Health Organization.

The Ozeri Corporation also manufactures eco-friendly cookware products for the home, including an exclusive line of ceramic, non-stick cookware that does not have any controversial PTFE or PFOA coatings. Instead, the frying pans and cooking products feature German-made scratch-resistant ceramic coatings applied over the base aluminum.