Oded Kariti

Designer, engineer, and inventor in San Diego, California

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American engineer, independent researcher and inventor, Oded Kariti was born on July 15, 1975 in San Diego, California. His family was living humble, but was still able to raise him and his brother normally. However, after finishing high school, there was no way for his parents to continue his education, financially.

Eager to learn, Kariti ventured on a brave mission, which would later prove to be the smartest thing he could’ve ever done. This brilliant mind had developed an open style of thinking and inquiry, proving things to himself through objective examination and experimentation.

As the technology advanced in the past couple of decades, Oded Kariti was fortunate enough to participate in some of the greatest researches and projects. His long string of entrepreneurial ventures has become world known, bringing Mr. Kariti prestige and respect within the science circles.

In 2002 Kariti participated in the founding of the Polytechnic Institute of California . There, he was elected for senior lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering but his scientific and university career was halted as he was unable to return to the public as a university professor. For these reasons Oded Kariti was prevented from entering the National Academy of Science and Art, and his work was not available to future students.

Today Mr. Kariti lives in New York, where he creates his works away from the public eye.

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