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A visa exemption record or a written approval page for a visa to become released on arrival to enter Vietnam, you must have a valid visa when you want to see Vietnam. Your passport must have at the very least six months truth that is remaining during the time of introduction.

The US Government persists to get a statement of unlawful charge concerning online visa applications through non-official companies and purposes through the travel agent to get a “visa on arrival” authorization letter. The Federal Government can be alert to report of applicants’ personal details being made public following online software or program through a journey broker for a “Vietnam visa online” approval page.

Use the Government of Vietnam's online information site to obtain more established visa information at length, including which form of visa you want to get. There is another solution to get your Vietnam visa for US Citizens by a software type that you may finish by using variety online, produce and take to the nearest Consulate or Embassy of Vietnam. In case, you arrive having an approval letter for a visa on arrival in Vietnam. The payment will be payable in Dong, either BUCKS US or cash only.

Charge and additional accessibility and exit conditions (such as currency, methods and quarantine rules) can alter at a small amount of time. Contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy for your data that is plainly up to date.

The Government consequently advises that you need to submit an application for a visa immediately from your closest Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam. For the company that was lawful founded, it is possible to submit an application.

Adjustments to Vietnam Immigration Law

Foreigners entering Vietnam aren't any longer permitted to improve the status of this entry visa (including tourist visa or partner visa) to any visa type(such as a working visa) in-country. US residents who're meaning to work in Vietnam should contact the closest Vietnam Embassy in US to looking for aspect assistance with obtaining the lawful credit to enter Vietnam for work functions.

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