Officer Ian King

Highway Patrol Officer in Los Angeles, CA

As a part of his responsibilities, Officer Ian King and his fellow highway patrol officers are primarily responsible for ensuring traffic safety across Ohio's sprawling Midwestern state. Ohio is currently home to approximately 12 million people and is the seventh-most populous state in the nation.

In addition to patrolling Ohio's busy highways, Officer Ian and his colleagues regularly assist local police agencies with emergencies and investigations beyond their jurisdictions or resources.

A native of Ohio, Officer King attended high school close to his childhood home in Greene County alongside his two brothers and older sister. Following high school, he went to the neighbouring state of Kentucky to study at the University of Louisville, where he graduated with honours.

Founded in 1798, the University of Louisville is a city-owned public research institute known for its outstanding programs in firefighting, homeland security, law enforcement, and related protective services. King and his two identical brothers all graduated from the university with honours.

The University of Louisville is committed to educating the next generation of leaders, scholars, and engaged citizens, emphasizing creativity, practical research applications, and outreach programs that contribute to the quality of life for local, national, and international communities.

King has served the Ohio State Highway Patrol for over eight years and remains dedicated to ensuring Ohio's residents' and visitors' safety and well-being.