Ogo Bob

Education in Europe

Creative explorer. Game developer. Artist. Programmer. High school teacher in IT. Game Guru.

Level 38 Bard.

Bardic Skills:

Every week I may create one or more of the following:

1. A new Online Knowledge Game on http://planeta42.com/

2. A new Computer Game Review at http://pcgamescreens.blogspot.com/

3. A new Sketch Poster at http://rewatchablemovies.blogspot.com/

4. A new Hand Drawing in http://mygraphicswarehouse.blogspot.com/

5. A new Cat Conversation in http://funcatsworld.blogspot.com/

6. A new Picture Post at http://funcollectibleitems.blogspot.com/

  • Work
    • IT Support
  • Education
    • Graduated Teacher IT "Pedagogics"