Miss April

This is a general page featuring information regarding myself that I can't seem to fit anywhere else. It's all not necessary to read, but who knows? You might find an answer to your questions. ;)

Regarding Twitter: (linked below)
My twitter is locked due to personal reasons and I'd like to ask that people respect it. I do not do follow backs simply because I rather like getting to know who is a mutual follower, and I don't really give a damn about follower count. If you talk to me, I'll talk back. I'm always eager to meet new people so please don't let this deter you. I'm a bit of a spazz when you get me in the right mood, but I'd like to think I can be a pretty cool person to talk to every now and again.

Regarding Fandom:
I am most active in the TVXQ! fandom, and for all intents and purposes I suppose you could consider me an ot5. However, I'd prefer the term "A JYJ biased TVXQ2 stan." ;)