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Top 3 Ethnic Groups That Enrich Diversity In Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Oklahoma Cityoften shortened as OKC, is a city located in the US stateof Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is more than just an ordinary city. It is the capital as well asthe largest city of the U.S. state of Oklahoma.Oklahoma City is on the I-35 Corridor, which is one of the primary travel corridors south leading to neighboring Texas and Mexico as well as north towards Wichita and Kansas City. Being a city in the state’s Frontier country region, the northeast section of Oklahoma is located in an ecological region called the Cross Timbers. According to the United States Census Bureau, Oklahoma features a total area of 620.34 sq mi (1,606.67 km²), with dry land covering a larger portion of601.11 sq mi (1,556.87 km²) and water body running into a little portion of 19.23 sq mi (49.81 km²). its elevation is 1,201 ft (366 m). The city called Oklahoma City features a thriving economy. This can be attributed to many things. The most important of all these is the city’s peaceful coexistence. Residents of Oklahoma City are friendly and hardworking. They all work together in peace and unity and therefore go about their respective daily activities without any form of dispute or break down in law and order. Regards should be given to the ethnic groups the city houses. The top 3 Ethnic groups that enrich diversity in Oklahoma City are:

· White: 62.7% (56.7% Non-Hispanic White)

· Black or African American: 15.1%

· Native American: 3.5%

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