Francisco R. Okecki

Francisco was born in Buenos Aires on July 16th, 1973. He was educated in St. Brendan´s College (Buenos Aires - Argentina) and he is a lawyer graduated from the Universidad Católica Argentina (1997). Although Francisco is a practicing lawyer, he has developed an entrepreneurial profile specialized in technology businesses. At the early age of 23 years old he founded (sold to PSINet a couple of years later). He then helped to start the Technology Law practice in M. & M. Bomchil Law Firm. He then becomes part of Itegra where he developed several businesses related to the Mobile Industry (Topkash, M4biz, Mundo Movil, Mobile2biz). Mobile2biz was merged with Net People and sold to Zed. Francisco is actually managing partner of Altergaia (a technology encubaor and accelerator company), legal director of Iken Solutions (an IIT Bombay spin off) and executive director of TEAS (an AML and CFT consulting firm). Specialties as a lawyer: General Practice, Corporate, Contractual, Deal Structuring, M & A, Intelectual Property Rights, Entertainment, Consumer´s acts, and the direction of outsourced specialized legal advice. As an entrepreneur he: Finds new trends and technologies. Makes businesses convenience and opportunity analysis. Plans and executes strategic alliances. Sets up management teams. Develops operative procedures and policies.