Oklahoma Adventure Trail


The Oklahoma Adventure Trail, known as the OAT, is 70% dirt road 30% paved road route circling the state of Oklahoma. The route travels through some of the most diverse, historical and scenic areas of Oklahoma.

The route was develop by Oklahoma dual-sport riders to be free and open to every one. The GPS files can be accessed and downloaded for free. Click on the links below to view the sections in Google Maps or click on the Making of the Oklahoma Adventure Trail link to go to to the official Adventure Rider page.

The OAT can be ridden on a dual-sport motorcycle, bicycled, hiked, or a 4x4 vehicle. Some roads are paved, red dirt, brown dirt, yellow dirt, gravel, deep gravel, rutted, tore up, rocky, straight curvy, flat, hilly, etc... etc... you get the point.
Some interesting areas the route goes by is Gloss Mountain, The Great Salt Plains, Graffiti Wall (Pictured), Ingalls out-law shoot out, Heavner, the K-Trail, The Ouachita Mountains and National Forest, Hugo's Circus performer cemetery, Carpenter's Bluff bridge, Turner Falls, Mount Scott, Meers Burgers, Quartz Mountains, Fort Washita, Medicine Park and Black Kettle National Grasslands to name a few.