Ola Nilsson

Digital facilitator, Consultant, and Changemaker Coach in Sweden and Globally

Ola Nilsson

Digital facilitator, Consultant, and Changemaker Coach in Sweden and Globally

Community, compassion and kindness are values that I live for.

Since mid 2019 I have been working with organizations to facilitate the transition to digital gatherings, conferences and meetings to harvest collective intelligence from large groups.

I have lived up in the beautiful town of Härnösand, Västernorrland during 2020, whilst working and co-creating with partners and organizations from across the globe. From early 2021 I will again be based in Stockholm and am looking forward to continue working with local, national and global organizations and teams.

What I typically do is to help design and facilitate processes and meetings that maximize interaction, engagement and learning for those who are the invaluable participants. As a facilitator, I am used to working with large groups, designing programs that engage the individual while maximizing the value of gathering a group or team.

What I want is to enable and be a part of community. I really enjoy co-creating empowering spaces, where people can access and develop tools they need to be all they dream of as individuals and collectives. Seeing that happen is amazing!

My main strengths are: making connections and facilitating welcoming, safe spaces for dialogue, co-creation and development.

I have over 18 years of professional experience in initiating, managing and facilitating projects for positive social change. Primarily through getting people together, supporting leadership development, driving equality issues, lgbtqi+ and youth empowerment work. I thrive on working across borders and continents.

My passion lies in facilitating dialogue, designing programs, training, coaching and co-creating with emerging leaders, and harvesting the positive social change that we can accomplish together through community.

I like to merge perspectives from various walks of life. Creativity is born when unlikely combinations of people get together and spark the unexpected.

Pop me a note if you want me to buy (or make) you coffee and chat about how we could create change together!

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    • Macalester College
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