Ola Nilsson

Project Manager, Facilitator, and Changemaker Coach in Stockholm, Sweden

Ola Nilsson

Project Manager, Facilitator, and Changemaker Coach in Stockholm, Sweden

Equality, community, compassion. That's what I live by and for.

I moved back to Stockholm, Sweden in April of 2018, after a year and a half in New York City. I love the city and many people in it, but daaang! -- it sure took me for a ride! I left a lot of experiences richer and with a couple of hundred miles of running in Central Park stored in my body memory.

I touched the tip of the ice berg of how it can feel to walk the streets of the Big Apple without a place to sleep for the night (even though I always had money in the bank). I've spent time with and worked along side many more who lived that reality on the daily, and without a dollar to their name.

I've seen first hand and up close how addiction can destroy everything a person has, all the way to the final breath. And I've seen some of the manifestations of how a person's mental health can deteriorate as an effect of stress, micro aggressions and major trauma.

I am thankful for the experiences I carry. They challenge me and move me towards being a better version of myself. I strive to be authentic and true to myself, so that I can meet the world with a rootedness, and from a place of love and empathy. It's a continuous discovery and struggle.

What I want is to build and be a part of community. What I really enjoy is to co-create empowering spaces, where young people (in particular) can acquire and develop tools they need to be all they dream of. Seeing that happen is amazing!

My main strengths are people skills, making connections and creating welcoming spaces for dialogue and development.

I have over 18 years of professional experience in initiating, managing and facilitating projects for positive social change. Primarily through getting people together, supporting leadership development, driving equality issues, lgbtq and youth empowerment work.

I can do the full range of non-profit work - from planning, designing, and fundraising, to training, executing, communicating and reporting.

My passion lies in facilitating dialogue, designing programs and training, coaching and co-creating with emerging leaders, and harvesting the positive social change that we can accomplish together through community.

I like to merge perspectives from various walks of life. Creativity is born when unlikely combinations of people get together and spark the unexpected.

Pop me a note if you want me to buy you coffee and chat about how we could create change together!

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