Oleksandr Elkin

Founder in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Oleksandr Elkin

Founder in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Oleksandr Elkin is the Head of Board and inspirer of EdCamp Ukraine, a strong 40,000 teachers’ professional development community. Prior to this Oleksandr managed Ukrainian and international EdTech projects, as well as held university academic and administrative positions training future computer scientists.

Between 2016 and 2020, he was serving as an adviser to three Ministers of Education and Science of Ukraine and a member of the two cohorts of Public Council of the Ministry. In 2021, Dr. Elkin became a member of Presidential Advisory Council on Promoting the Development of the General Secondary Education System and in 2022 – an expert of secondary education working group for National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine from the War.

As a co-author of the New Ukrainian School concept and state standards, Oleksandr is currently participating in initiatives aimed at reforming secondary education. He supervised implementation of anon-discriminatory expertise for textbooks and school programs, integrity tools promotion among schools, and institutional research to improve teacher professional development and reduce bureaucratization at schools. He was instrumental in the demonopolization reform of teachers’ professional development and the launch of the EdWay innovative platform designed to support the reform. Dr. Elkin has been advocating social and emotional learning with Emory University's SEE Learning program in Ukraine.

In 2021, Oleksandr was ranked among the 100 most influential Ukrainians according to FOCUS magazine and named Ukrainian Prometheus in education by NV.

Additionally, Dr. Elkin is a founding curator of Kharkiv Hub of Global Shapers community, the World Economic Forum; a delegate at the 2014 Forum in Davos. He is the Global Dignity Country Chair for Ukraine.

Oleksandr is also a board member of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and Jewish cultural center Beith Dan.

He has a solid academic foundation, with a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, M.A. in Computer Sciences and M.A. in Economics & Entrepreneurship and has had 15+ years of management experience in education, IT, and non-profits, having written more than 50 research articles, patents, and educational publications.

Finally, Dr. Elkin is an alumni of the Leader in Education Program of Singaporean National Institute of Education and the U.S. Congress Open World Leadership Center program, a Management 3.0 and a Ken Blanchards’s SLII practitioner, and a SEE Learning certified facilitator.

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